In 1853-4 from the book of copper for american u.s. copper from colonial times -A smelter at east haven ct treated ores from chile,the brisol mine,and copper hills mine in vermont.on the eve of civil war it was still at work owned by a new haven copper company.     1880-from pronouncing Gazetteer -geographical dictionary of the world by jb lppincot -1880- east haven a post hamlet in east haven /new haven has a copper smelting works and station on the shoreline railroad - population of township 2714 
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 The East Haven Historical Society is now open on Wednesdays between 11:00am and 2:00pm.  If you need to visit ,or wish to be a member. They are on 1 Maple Street which is at the former Hay`s school or call at 203 467 1766, or email at to
 Regarding 200 Tyler Street, the Blue Ribbon Commission met on December 17 at the Senior Center.
Deborah lane  -used to have a bridge spanning across the farm river to reach the saltonstall section to the center in 1947 .the bridge and land was a gift of Martin Olson - a developer in East Haven. now gone is this bridge and martin .
 The following slate of officers of the Executive Board of the East Haven historical society has been proposed ,Voted on May 17 2016 AT a  Annual meeeting at the Bistro Mediterranean  383 main street. Congraulations to the following : President: Barbara Esposito , Vice president : Malanie Johnson Recording Secretary : Michelle Roberts , Treasurer : Elieen Waldron
from the billboard magazine sept 5th 1942 ----------------------MOMAUGUIN  BATHHOUSE FIRE -------- A blaze destroyed the old three story SEA SPRAY bathhouse on cosy beach avenue .Damage was estmated to be $6000.The town of East HAVEN RECENTLY ACCQUIERD TITLE TO THE PROPERTY THRU A FORCLOSURE FOR BACK TAXES AND HAD IT ON THE MARKET FOR SALE 
Dana Nelson`s fifth grade Tuttle school class that had worked so hard to save the historic bridge from complete destruction in 2013 .
FROM TOWN NEWS PAPER-----------Mr Farriara and the commissior Peter Limoncelli a long time resident.siad (the depression started the collapse )(thats the year of 1929 the stock market crash .)The momaugins hayday was 35(this was writen about 1960s) years ago when people wanted to go to momaugins shore.they used the trolleys riding down Hemingway  to cosey beach ave. It cost 2 fares (20 cents )from New Haven to momaugin.this was to keep tramps from riding the line.Ferrara remembers in the winter 10 residents lived in momauguin,and when summer came it was about 3000 people.Momaguin was studded at bygone days with amusement areas ,picknic grounds,fraternity houses ,meeting places and crowds that flocked there all summer long. all are gone with the exception of the people who come to spend the summers in the remaining cottages that are falling was not coney island or savin rock  according to "Happy" Fenton  the owner of happy`s resterant on cosey beach the 20s ,bands and a play ground for kids ,a small ferriswheel and flying horses which we now know as a carousel (.rummer has it that this is in another state at this date.this burned down at least the building did .)the place had a good local atmosphere and was populated with good changed but the people are still here .Tom Grant  a long time resident of the area ,said there was only one  hotel in the area 30 years was called swifts hotel.this structure was torn down for the town beach that opened last spring .there was a place called Hoyts bathing pavilion that was also torn down whose  restaurant is located next door to the old bath house. Momauguin never recovered from the depression.but that was one of meany fate full events to beset the area . When the  crash hit  most of the new Englanders  who were once prosperous enough to afford both a summer and winter home could no more and lived in the cottages that were not winterized all year long..The hurricane of 1938 destroyed 150 homes and washed out the shore line .the 250 foot water front pier three forths  gone and the board walk in shambles.the momauguin and Hoyts all damaged also. Miraculously no deaths but it was the 1st time in this towns history that a state of emergency was declared. Trolley lines were  down  and almost all  momauguin was flooded .Selectman Farrara  was called out to be a special patrolman .momauguin was never rebuilt  as a proud amusement area after the hurricane .World war 2  started ,plant workers from all over new england and south moved into the area .The old sites that made the area famous are all now gone ,one can only reminiscet of the days gone by.There was the Mansfield grove  pavillin ,which featured many well known dance hands of the 1930-40s,music of CAB  CALLOWAY / RUDY VALLANCE.  a richness that was life and times once  momaguin . 
There was no street lights in the year of 1950 on and around main street,reason no trolley lines on which to hang them on . also Mr Ransom Thompson of foxon lived in a house that had stood 5 miles away on the sight of the present Daytons Store on Main st. in 1950s.   There was two Beverage company`s  in 1938 here and they are THE OLDE BRIDGE CO THAT WAS AT SHORT BEACH ROAD AT NELLIES , and  FOXON PARK SPRING WATER CO.- NOW FOXON PARK SODA --- YOU CAN SEE THE BOTTLES AT THE EAST HAVEN HISTORICAL SOCIETYS MUSEUM
Foxon road is a ancient roadway in Foxon  now called rt has been widened ,straightened and altered. In 1896 the town voted to expend $1,000 to improve the road then known as the fair haven essex turnpike company .the company was  private and tolls had to be payed .the toll house was at the end of north high and foxon rd .this road had extended from new haven  over the grand ave bridge to the town of Essex on the connecticut river.
   Former Sergent George Reinwald of 129 kimberly ave is the first veteran of world war 2 of  East Haven to be enrolled on the national roll of honor at the Washington Cathedral ----april 3 1947-----The dwellings on kimberly ave are built on the old brown estate by Frank Bowe.


  1. Isaac Forbs-------two slaves      
  2. Samuel  Forbs -------one slave 
  3. Joseph Hemmingway ------one slave 
  4. Stephen Bradley ---------one slave
  5. Deborah Chitsey --------one slave
  6. Moses Thompson ------one slave
  7. John Hemmingway ------one slave 
  8. Nicholas Street ---------one slave 
  9. Enos Hemmingway ------one slave 
  10. Charles Bishop -----------two slaves
  11. Amos Morris -----------one slave 
  12. Steven Smith ---------three slaves
  13. James Chitsey -------One slave
  14. Daniel Clark ---------one slave 
  15. Samuel Hemmingway -----four slaves
  16. John Woodward ----------two slaves
  17. John June Woodward -------three slaves
  18. Molly Pardie --------one slave
  19. Jerard Pardie -----one slave
  20. Joshial Forbs  ------five slaves 

It  was once written about the shore line of new haven with the mention of East Haven in 1878 from the Springfield republican newspaper .IN the neighborhood  of Springfield mass.a ride out to the shores of new haven  .the most accessible points salt water can be reached. Resorts,cottages  and quietness with the verdure of haveners who ride after their own horses in the beautiful evenings a select drive to morris cove .a three mile ride in any direction from the city is the most charming in the east . the road from fair haven is covered with oyster shells white and hard and smooth with views passing the along the course are of surprising and varied beauty passing the Yale boat house at the mouth of the mill river and crossing the the quinnipiac on the new bridge at fair haven the end of  chapel street .your horse climbs the gentle East Haven slope passes the verdant brow of fort hill. by the dismantled fort hale and descends to the cove a delicious curve of sand indenting the hay .meanwhile the eye  has feasted upon the broadening expanse of the sun lit waters covered with lazily fitting sails and the distant greenery across the harbor by white spires of village churches.but in returning when the sun hangs low and tender the west that the climax of scenic beauty is attained.across the bay stretches a pathway of fire the city is clustering steeples and towers in the mist sits broading thinly veiled with a film of smoke.while flanking it on the either side east and west rocks with their  corroded cliffs of iron-stone dimly gleaming in the sunshine like tarnished gold. A spire in the westville is delicately panelled against west rockand a little to the left the hills to which clings the picturesque homestead of "ike marvel" furnish the horizon line.northward the crooked and silvery winds the quinnipiac through a broad domain of stack-dotted salt meadows.more and more vows have been uttered upon this bit of  road than on any other in new haven .morris`s cove has a pleasant hotel upon its rim and a cluster of pretty cottages perch upon the declivity approaching  it .often the afternoons ride is extended to the light house. starting as early as 2 o clock much more than this can be had.seen in the afternoons ride with zestful pleasure .Turning the horses head east ward  along the shore you  may pass through East Haven to Branford or even beyond to ancient Guilford. Constantly obtaining delightful glimpses of the sea and antiquated farm houses with the inevitable accessories of tall holly hocks and nodding sun flowers.there is a good deal of the antique still remaining  in those old shore towns.and Guilford boasts of the oldest house in Guilford. Built of stone and dates back to 1640 and looks to be good for another century yet .passing across the southern borders of East Haven the recently dug road cuts through a widely spread strata of clam and oyster shells.Its so extensive that one is inclined to believe it of geologic formation.The natives, however affirm the shells are but the remains of biualular feasts made by generations of Indians in the remote past.near by an indian cemetery has been found and many relics of the now  extint red man .the spot seems to have been kind of a fashionable indian long branch to which the tribes resorted each summer from as far northward as vermont. Not so much perhaps that duskly belles and their squaw mamma's might indulge in flirtation,matchmaking and exhibitation of feminine finery.After the toils of haying there comes a few red -letter days to a rural youngster .When dad harnesses up his team and with a few rude necessaries all hand hie way to the distant beach.even the inland crows partake of the longing sea shore.when the snow gets deep and food is hard to find the rustle of wings to the coast to feed on the snails that cover the beach .A little  beyond the aboriginal long beach extending from short beach to center beach is a colony of cottages.the history of which is worth casually noticing as  illustrating the growth of a modest and cheap recreation a few years since a country clergyman .now settled in a town adjoining springfield would not allow of summer jarning at Newport or sartoga.set about making an inexpensive resort of his own .for two to trhee hundred dollars he bought an acre or two of  beautiflly -shaded land booarding a charming little cove.with a outlook upon the was a remote from any settlement or house even,and was reached from the highway by a wide detour through private fields .nothing daunted.
Mansfield grove had a old pavillion and was newly renovated opening on april 17 1942. it was a skating rink under direction of Albert E. Cory .it was very well advertized thru southern ct. He ran this and others till around 1959. Roller skating was new and popular in the late 30s - 40s  dying out by 1980s due to troubles in towns and citys of hanging out at one location .
    ITS 1943 and Dispite the black outs and dim outs albert E.Cory  head of a chain of skating rinks in ct  is finding attendence of soldiers and sailors from surrounding camps and training base's and girls and youths under the draft age are patronizing the rinks. Handicaped by the black outs are West Haven at Savin Rock, Hanittiac park at waterbury,Mansfield grove at East Haven,walnut beach at Milford and wounderland palace. This summer should be big business with the many camps full of service men in New Haven .IN 1954 now the former Arnold collage gym in Milford property owned by University of Bridgeport. Arnold College went defunt in 1953 and was built in 1947 was bing converted for a new skating rink. Also in momauguin was a bath house called the Sea  Spray not much in known about it but this in 1942  a blaze destroyed  the three story bath house known as the sea spray on cosy beach avenue.the damage was estamated to be 6000 dollars .the town of East Haven recently accquired the title thru a forclosure of back taxes and had it on the market for sale at the time of the blaze . note this building was next to the momaugin the end of coe ave ,across on the beach .
  Cosey beach once was called beach street---A.B.clinton had built a vacation home in 1877. The first cottage to be built, protected by the curve of the shoreline and not spoilied by progress refured his cottage to be very cosey. A.B. Clinton was president and state reresentive of his music company selling Krakauer pianos  in 1897 at 17 center st and  in  july 1900 in the new washington building on church street New Haven .The beach area in 1891 only had seven cottages,when the trolley line to the shore was finished in 1898 hundreds of cottages and resturants sprung up .noting the sewers from new haven at that time were empting into the sound .making this beach area well known for its cleanliness and safety at all tides.
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