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FAIR HAVEN was a part of East Haven . It was Annexed to new haven .What was once a new and exciting place in the 1800s a port community. is no longer. through the years changes came to fair Haven.
JOBS in fair haven in 1800 ----1867-fair havens school teacher and blacksmith is amos a.and amanda l. white

  Ship carpenter            mercant
  ship master                 carrage maker
  machist                      artist
  seaman                      grocery man 
  tailor                           peddler
  laborer                        engineer
  cigar maker                 dentist 
  hatter                         barber
  gardner                       brickmaker
  painter                        cutter
  joiner                          mechanic 
  lawer                           stone cutter
  shoe maker                 brass polisher

may 17th 1873 from the ct courier ---- A new bridge is to be built over the river from Fair Haven to East Haven ,It will run from the neighborhood of east pearl and houston streets, seveth ward and will cost with approaches 136,000.                                     
   The new mehodist church in fair haven was dedicated tuesday in the afternoon the rev.Mr Pillsburr of this city conducted the services and rev.mr Parker of new york preached a sermon. The evening service Bishop Simpson preached and afterwards conducted the regular decicatory service .the church cost 33,000 which sum is nerly raised.
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